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Monday, September 20, 2004


Ummm, blood gooood!

I just got another clean blood result. Cells within normal variances, no blasts. Yabba-dabba-doo!!!! It's starting to look more likely that the evil sample from before was indeed anomalous and I'm still in remission.
*** Note - I'll refrain from updating with every good test result. Assume the best until you hear me whining. From now on only stunning stories, brilliant insights, and ... wait, that's somebody else's blog. From now on more of the usual stuff.
*** Note2 (10/19/04) - Found out last week that doc thinks I should get the marrow transplant if possible as he NOW says it's almost a certainty that I'll relapse within a few months.

Saturday, September 04, 2004


Bert up, Leukemia down

Here's an email I sent out a few hours ago:

Good news on the leukemia front this week.
1) my chances of finding a marrow donor are 80%, not the 27% given by the specialist in Seattle. It's 27% for a perfect match, but for an acceptable match (not perfect on all 16 points but fudgeable) or a perfect match - 80%. But that may not be necessary because;
2) my situation has gone from black to cloudy. Given the perfect results from the latest marrow biopsy, which conflict (to say the least) with the results from the previous one - it's possible that the previous cluster of leukemic cells was anomalous. I had a clean blood sample last week also. So right now I could be in remission or maybe relapse. Flip a coin. We'll keep up with the blood testing and the occasional marrow biopsy and see what develops.
3) guess who doesn't have a plastic tube sticking out of his chest anymore? Give up? ME!!! They unBorged me since I'll not really use the tube for a few months at the earliest, and maybe never. Thanks for hanging in there with me folks. I'll keep you in the loop. Hope all is well with all of you. Oh, and I'll have a used roller-coaser for sale soon. Anybody interested?

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