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Monday, September 10, 2007


new cells engrafting

briefly, since the long version just got eaten by this shitty blogger engine. it appears the new cells are engrafting and i'm growing a new immune system. thanks for your kind words and your prayers. all the best, later

So, how's it going? Just wondering.

When you feel strong enough for a nice, high-calorie breakfast, why not join us at LePeep's at Colorado and Mexico some Saturday around 8 AM?

Best wishes,
Thought you would like to know that Bert lost his battle with leukemia on Christmas Eve 2007. His beneficiary didn't bother to publish an obituary -- probably because it COSTS $ -- so this is it. No other info is available at this time.
I am saddened by the news. Life was too short for one of the best debaters.
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