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Monday, May 29, 2006


Local Star Map

Local Star Map, originally uploaded by BertW.

This is an OLD map of our local stars. I cut it out of a sci-fi paperback decades ago and just found it again. Some of you science fiction or even astronomy readers and writers might find it useful. I'll be glad to add attribution if anyone has the info.

UPDATE: Here's a local star map that's a little bit nicer. Be sure to zoom out also.

This was cool. Is the blogger finally realizing that there exists a universe of thought beyond what those who profess their links to God?
This map shows Bush's "Axis of Evil". Bernard's Star has WMD. Donald Rumsfaild knows exactly where they are even though he admits he doesn't know anything about the unknown unknowns. We must pre-emptively strike now. And we're going to go there with Army we have, not an Army equipped as we expect it to be. Spare no American dollar or life, WE MUST FIND A WAR.
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