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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Hairdo Bloviation #7

I've been up to my uhhh, elbows, yeah, elbows in alligators this last week.

Long story short, Matthews talked 33.8% of the time on Wednesday, 27.8% on Thursday and 36% on Friday for a weekly average of 32.95%. Compare this to the O'Reilly creature at 39.2%. And consider that while he barks a lot, Matthews asks long questions that are filled with detail and background, while O blurts out his emotional state and idle speculations and demands agreement.

This whole project was a little compulsive but I've proven to my own satisfaction that, by an objective standard, O'Reilly really is a gaseous buffoon. A lot of work for a pretty obvious result. What's all this make me? Anyway, another positive result is that I'm totally cured of the guy. When I surf by, there's an immediate revulsion and I surf away. That's worth something.

O'Reilly talks 40 percent of the time?Doesn't he care about global warming?
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