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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Court Packing; Bush vs. FDR

A bunch of leftish bloggers have accused Bush II of 'packing' the supreme court because he selects Justices with whom he has an ideological affinity. Duh!!! Sometimes they also throw in some nonsense about the purported principle of 'balance'. Even John Kerry got into the act. Well, I've go news for you. Bush doesn't know the first thing about packing the court. For a real example, and by the way a clear attempt to completely subvert the Constitution, check out FDR.
The Courts were getting in the way of some of his New Deal proposals so he decided to add extra justices to the bench. Here's a great reponse from a contemorary journalist. A few notches above what we get from today's MSM. Packing? Good lord, what next? Hijacking foreign policy?

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