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Thursday, January 12, 2006


Hairdo Bloviation #3

Here's the Wednesday (1/11/06) data:

Guest_______________Guest talk time_____O'Reilly talk time

Andrew Napolitano_______3:30_____________1:51
Jerry Barton___________2:28______________1:44
Michael Lewellen________2.44______________1:39 ___(LOTS of overtalk)
Harvey Silverglate_______3:29______________2:50

Total:________________10:11____________ 8:04

O'Reilly talked 44.2% of the time. A new record. Sorry for the indiscriminate bolding but, as many of you know, the blogger interface isn't worth a shit in a whirlwind. 44.2%!!! Why even bother with guests at all? Maybe soon he'll just look into the camera and moo for an hour.

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