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Thursday, January 12, 2006


The elk and the melon

Another in the intermittent 'critter tales' series. This one happened about 25 years ago at my friend's mountain property. The cabin wasn't up yet but they had put up a teepee and created a very comfy area around the fire pit. The guys all went up for a bachelor party (the victim puking and saying 'this is sad' isn't part of the story) and did some fine barbecuing. Don had brought up a huge watermelon and set it on a damp spot of ground to cool overnight. As it happened I bedded down about two feet from the melon and promptly passed out. In the morning the melon was gone except for the heart - about the size of two fists. Instead there were hoof prints made by a HUGE elk. He'd eaten the melon and probably found the rind delicious, the outer meat bearable, but the heart was just too damn sweet, so he left it for us monkeys. Don and I made short work of it and toasted the critter's health.

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