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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Anemone Armies

Remember how in the 60's every fifteen minutes someone would mumble "Wow, like, the Eskimos have thirty words for snow". Years later (as usual) it occurred to me that Americans have 50 words for pot, 100 for sex and 200 for money. Thirty words for snow? Pussies! The other thing we were always told was that "only humans kill their own". This was patently ridiculous even then, and has become so thoroughly refuted that even leftard 'intellectuals' don't bother with it anymore. Which is a shame, as their main purpose in life is to make us feel bad about ourselves for no reason, except when it's to make us feel good about our enemies for no reason. Anyway, we've seen elephants killing elephants, ditto lions, fish, birds - almost everything with a brain. Now there's something to make the most cynical among us sit up and take notice. Sea anemones organize themselves into armies, with specialists of various kinds, and make war on neighboring colonies. It's absolutely amazing - even creatures one notch above plants make war on each other. I wonder how many words they have for "Yikes!".

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