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Friday, August 17, 2007


Transplant starts today

Haven't posted for a good long while. Sorry about that. Anyway, I go to Presb/St. Lukes today to begin a bone marrow transplant. It's a bit risky and no fun at all. But they make a great effort to alleviate both problems. This will be an umbilical cord transplant. They take the marrow stem cells from two cords (two, because I need a lot of mass to kick start marrow growth and one cord doesn't have much at all) and inject them, following truly horrific amounts of radiation and chemo. But, I know someone who went through all this and came out smelling like a rose. I'll be talking to her now and then to reinforce my spirit. I'll try to update this blog when I feel some strength - in about 8 weeks. Wish me luck.

good luck Bert. Hope it all goes well.

You are a survivor! A man with a tremendous heart, soul and spirit.
You will beat this and still be around to crack everyone up with your witty intelligent humor, I'm counting on it! From everyone at JM~ Take Care :) Stacey Russo
Bert, I've been dropping by occasionally hoping for some news, but it's been a few weeks. I just saw your August post. I hope everything went well and wish you all the best during the recovery.

I'll update the Saturday breakfast group in the morning. We'll be thinking of you.
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