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Sunday, August 13, 2006


Iran Maps

With Iran taking up more ink and electrons these days I've copied out a couple of maps for your viewing. One is a map of major oil fields, circa 1978. Probably still pretty accurate. The other is an ethnographic map. This one suggests, no, screams, a probable strategy for anyone locked in a major war with that country. The oil is in the Arab areas (naturally) and large minorities dominate in peripheral regions, mostly in the west (the Iraq side). Kurds, Arabs, Azeris, Lurs, Baluchis and others. Iran should more properly be called the Persian Empire. If things unfold in an ugly way, these maps will help us all understand what's happening.

Maps won't tell us shit. The US will bomb
civilians just like it always does. There are no stategic brains in Washington. You have to remember that Iran is different. You don't have the benefit of
Clinton's no fly zones and 8 years of bombing their military. Iran is a big country. Iranians are not going to greet
us liberators like Rumsfeld thinks. If Bush
attacks Iran, American casualties will
surpass Viet Nam in no time. The Iranian
army in the region outnumbers the US 5 to 1.
Go for it America. Refuse to negotiate.
We can follow the Bush plan that we can kill a billion Muslims to get our way.
Thanks to Bush, we have a billion new enemies.

But if we had just talked to these people, we would have determined that
our values go back to common grounds.

Go America. We are the WAR people.
Christians and Republicans all agree.
America is the main promoter of WAR.

We love Death.
Have to agree. America is the Nazi Germany.
The Bush facsists are just trying to redefine the word even though they have
always been the ones who fit the true definition.
What a lame piece of Republican bullshit.
Republicans hate America and everything
they do proves it.
Let's attack Iran. Americans will die in
unprecented numbers. Americans will honor
them by putting magnets made in China on
their cars.
Who friggin cares? When Rumsfeld and Bush attack Iran, America is dead meat. But hey, that is what you voted for. According to Rumsfeld, the Iranians will greet us as liberators and shower us with chocolates and flowers.
It will be fun. At least for the sicko Bush sheep Republicans. The Christian Neo-cons are thrilled that our troops are raping little girls in Iraq and then shooting them and their families. Keep voting Repiblican
because these are the American values.
Christains love rape. Its what they think
the bible preaches.
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