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Thursday, June 08, 2006


Michael Rhodes and Randi Savage

Been listening to too much talk radio lately. An interesting question has popped into my head though. Would it be illegal to tie Randi Rhodes and Michael Savage together and throw them off a bridge? A really high bridge? What about a gator pool? A snake pit? That would be redundant. Okay, how about someone lock them in cargo container, put it on a ship to India, and have cameras ready when it's opened. Naw, I like India. We've got to come up with something fast here folks. My best alternative to the above is to put chewing gum in my ears. And chewing gum is bad for you.

Randi has a brain and doesn't do drugs. Savage is addicted to more painkillers than Limbaugh is. Like Hannity and Combs, the guy is the result of CIA LSD tests in the 70's. Savage is FOR THE BRUTALITY OF WOMEN.
So it is apparent that because the blogger feels so threatened by a woman with brains, he favors throwing her into the den of male supremacists.
Is that because you have a conservative booga up your nose????
Or is that Cro-magnon Neocon speak?
A perfect display of neocon vocabulary. For all we know, "booga"
is he Dick Cheney Chistian speak for,
"Go F*** Yourself"
I tried to bring the discourse down to your level Mr. 'Anonymous'. I failed. When we learn to communicate with bacteria I'll try again.
Typical Republican Amoebic brain reaction. I have to be careful cause your type doesn't like black people.
Weed all be daid if Katrina did its job.
Michael Savage's real name is Michael Wiener. Could they be related? Maybe this is Savageville? One of the Wieners recent excapdaes. http://mediamatters.org/items/200501050006
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