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Thursday, June 08, 2006


Two great vocalists at DU

I went to the Newman Center at Denver U. last week for a guitar recital and it was outstanding. But the most cosmic, inspiring, exquisitely beautiful (and I'm understating here) part of the experience was the aria from Bachianas Brasileiras no. 5 (Heitor Villa-Lobos) sung by Kimberly Harrison. Every note an inspiration. Everyone in the room breathless, gaping in awe and delight. Afterwards I was able to chat with her very briefly as she was surrounded by admirers. She graduates on the 10th and then... well, I said 'briefly'. If you ever get a chance, drop everything and go see her. You'll never forget it. In the audience was Yvonne Underhill. I talked with her for a few minutes. Saw her a few weeks before at a jazz recital. She's just the best jazz singer I've ever heard. Golden age jazz style singing, definitely her own voice. Very pleasant and confident, she graduates on the 10th also. She told me she's got a gig at Dazzle late in July. I was unable to find it on their schedule but will try again later. FYI, their drinks are pricey. Anyway, two world-class singers right here in Denver (for now). Don't miss them. And, for god's sake, get your ass over to the Newman Center and enjoy their many free, sometimes catered, events.


Michael Rhodes and Randi Savage

Been listening to too much talk radio lately. An interesting question has popped into my head though. Would it be illegal to tie Randi Rhodes and Michael Savage together and throw them off a bridge? A really high bridge? What about a gator pool? A snake pit? That would be redundant. Okay, how about someone lock them in cargo container, put it on a ship to India, and have cameras ready when it's opened. Naw, I like India. We've got to come up with something fast here folks. My best alternative to the above is to put chewing gum in my ears. And chewing gum is bad for you.

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