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Saturday, January 14, 2006


Hairdo Bloviation #4

Okay, the bad news is I somehow botched the Thursday show. Only recorded a few minutes and then it stopped. But I'm not sorry. I've suffered enough. And when you see the last guest on Friday's show you'll want to give me a medal. I watched these two TWICE to get the times. TWICE!!!! If not a medal, maybe a cigar, a cookie. Something! Oh yeah, I decided to include much of the overtalking as ignoring it would have seriously distorted the data. O and his guests do a lot of it, a lot. Without further ado (or whining):

Friday (1/13/06) data:

Guest______________Guest talk time____O'Reilly talk time

Leslie Crocker Snyder____ 2:24 __________ 1:37
Rachel Marsden________2:19___________ 1:06
Tyson Slocum__________2:38___________1:57
Geraldo Rivera_________4:48___________2:26

Total _______________12:09 __________ 7:02

O'Reilly talked 36.6% of the time.

On average for the four shows I timed O'Reilly did 39.2% of the talking when he had one guest. This is astonishing but about what I'd expected. I'm going to time Brit Hume next week and Chris Matthews the following week. Wish me luck.

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