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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Hairdo Bloviation #2

Here's the data for Monday and Tuesday for O'Reilly:

Monday 1/09/06
Guest_____Guest talk time______ O'Reilly talk time

John Ashcroft____ 6:14____________3:42
Dick Morris ______2:30___________1:06
Rabbi James Rudin _3:14___________1:04
Juan Williams_____1:35___________1:58

Total: _________13:33 _________7:50

O'Reilly talked 36.6% of the time.

Tuesday 1/10/06

Allan Mansoor_____2:29___________1:06
Lawrence Leamer___1:58__________2:28
Greta van Susteren__2:38__________1:36
Bob Kohn_________2:09___________:50

Total: __________9:14 ________6:00

O'Reilly talked 39.3% of the time.

Looks like he's as talkative as I'd supposed. He really goes on about Ted Kennedy (guest L. Leamer) and Harry Belafonte (J. Williams), although I don't disagree with either of his assessments. Let's see how the week turns out, and how the other hairdos perform in the following weeks.

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