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Thursday, December 29, 2005


Gimme and No

Walter in Denver makes the point "If the Pres were a Democrat we would see the blogosphere and the rest of the deep thinkers reverse arguments effortlessly. I would sound exactly the same, but with the reds and blues switched around...". Other than mis-spelling Prez, this is right on the money. And it doesn't even matter what the topic was. I find the Dems more noxious than the Reps, mainly because of their endless plans for our improvement. The 1st Amendment still carries enough force to thwart the Reps more absurd ambitions, but the 9th and 10th have been eviscerated (Robert Bork referred to the 9th as 'an inkblot') and so thwarting the Dems utopian fantasies is a constant labor - and ultimately a losing battle. As the party of 'Gimme' the Dems work with an enormous advantage. Who doesn't want free stuff? And when the argument against it is complex and tedious? And the Reps are the party of 'No'. At least for the general population. The Reps are definitely the party of 'Gimme' for their cronies. But a small class of parasites, unpleasant as it may be, won't bankrupt the republic. An entire population of them certainly will. As generally the party of 'No' the Reps have the distinct advantage of appearing as the party of responsibility and limited government. And the majority of Americans retain enough wisdom to prefer these to the sweet promises of the Dems. Gee, this thing went off on a tangent didn't it? But don't complain - it's just a blog after all.

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