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Monday, July 11, 2005


Final victory over leukemia

Many of you have been out of the loop lately, so here' me LAST report wrt my late, unlamented leukemia crisis. My last ever marrow sample came back with no evidence of leukemia. To recap: following five months of chemo in early '04, a marrow sample showed definite evidence of renewed leukemic growth (around mid June). The sample was evaluated at a lab in Santa Fe, sent back to the Kaiser labs in Denver for confirmation and then sent to Seattle (where the transplant would occur) to give them a heads up. After that, there was frequent testing via blood samples and the occasional marrow sample. Everything turned up negative. Either the doctor captured the very last bit of leukemic tissue with that sample or my immune system killed off the rest of it - for the first time in history for this type of leukemia. Whatever, I'm safe now and am only feeling the lingering effects of the chemo - fatigue and general strong yuckiness every now and then.
So bye-bye leukemia, hello life!


Kingdom of Shadows

I just love this joke. It's from a spy novel called Kingdom of Shadows by Alan Furst. Furst is a real writer, not a Ludlum or Clancy-type buffoon. Forgive the obscure Romanian place names.
"Two Romanian businessmen run into each other on the street in Bucharest. Gheorgiu is carrying a suitcase. 'Where are you off to?' Petrescu asks. 'Cernauti,' his friend says. 'Liar!' Petrescu shouts. 'You tell me you're going to Cernauti to make me think you're going to Iasi, but I've bribed your office boy, and I know your going to Cernauti!'"
This is what happens when trust breaks down. Maybe we could all take a lesson from this one.

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