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Monday, June 06, 2005


Darfur and Palestine - A Modest Proposal

Some good may yet come out of the Darfur tragedy. Once the Arab Muslims have killed off the African Muslims they'll be in possession of a huge piece of territory - many times the size of, say, Israel. The land is also better watered and richer than, say, Israel. The Sudanese should be encouraged to offer their Palestinian brothers and chattel, ahem, sisters a small portion of this sweet land, approximately the size of, say, Israel. The Palestinians could then remove themselves from the savage brutality of the Jews (who won't even let them blow up children for goodness sakes!) and start a new life on the corpses of a people unable to withstand Arab righteousness. Everybody wins! Well, almost. And by the way, are the other African Muslims feeling a little nervous about now? Only if they're paying attention.

You got an Instalanche! here. Maybe you should get a counter. Sitemeter has them.
Hmm, nice idea. But it's too reminiscent of the Uganda Plan, circa 1903. (And yes, the Palestinians know enough Zionist history to know about that.)

Snitter -- alex is being sarcastic too. (Go look for the Sudeten German refugee camps, or the Pakistani Hindi refugee camps, or any other refugee camps dating back to the WWII period. There aren't any... except the Palestinian ones.)

Congratulations on your Instalanche!

What if we sweeten the deal. Throw in some hummus and a good pita for evryone.
Actually, there are Pakistani refugee camps; not Hindus, but East Pakistani Moslems, left behind when East Pakistan became Bangladesh. Bangladesh doesn't want them because it regards them as traitors, but Pakistan doesn't want them either, because, well, I'm not quite sure why, I think it just doesn't want to pay for their transport, and doesn't need the extra population. So they've been stuck in refugee camps in Bangladesh for the past 30 years!

Imagine if, after the USAn revolution, Canada had closed its borders to Tory refugees, so they ended up in camps in upper New York.
Genius, but I think you should've adapted the language used by Swift in the original. Just cause I'm a snob.

You know, it's funny you should make this kind of proposal. During the earlier days of Zionism, one popular plan was to create a Jewish homeland in Uganda... which, before Idi Amin came along, was one of the most successful areas in Africa.
The intent of the post was to contrast the exquisite sensitivity of Arab Muslims to their own travails to their utter indifference to their crimes. They certainly have a legitimate beef with the Israelis but have sunk to the lowest kind of behavior as a FIRST resort. They have no beef whatsoever with the Darfurians, except that they want that land, and have again sunk to the lowest kind of behavior - while their brothers in the rest of the Arab world yawn.
And Isotta, good laxatives are available rather cheaply in almost any market.
Manny, obviously you haven't seen my house. Whose house do you want to give to the Darfurians?
> Throw in some hummus and a good pita


Sorry, couldn't resist.
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