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Friday, June 10, 2005


Apple and Intel, sittin' in a tree...

With Apple switching to the Intel platform next year one has to wonder if Microsoft will find itself in a fix. Once Apple has ported their operating system to the Intel platform, or written a new one for it, what's to stop Apple users from loading the OS to other Intel boxes. Or what's to stop Apple from selling the OS by itself. They've always been fanatical about selling the whole package but Steve Jobs has shown himself capable of learning new tricks. After all, what's the profit margin on a CD loaded with an OS you had to create anyway. They'll need to add some solid Windows/Apple migration tools and it's off to the races. Apple may just be the next Microsoft.

Monday, June 06, 2005


Darfur and Palestine - A Modest Proposal

Some good may yet come out of the Darfur tragedy. Once the Arab Muslims have killed off the African Muslims they'll be in possession of a huge piece of territory - many times the size of, say, Israel. The land is also better watered and richer than, say, Israel. The Sudanese should be encouraged to offer their Palestinian brothers and chattel, ahem, sisters a small portion of this sweet land, approximately the size of, say, Israel. The Palestinians could then remove themselves from the savage brutality of the Jews (who won't even let them blow up children for goodness sakes!) and start a new life on the corpses of a people unable to withstand Arab righteousness. Everybody wins! Well, almost. And by the way, are the other African Muslims feeling a little nervous about now? Only if they're paying attention.

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